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Remixing an OER about OERs

OERs give us the opportunity to adapt the work of others. This saves time and can broaden our teaching horizons. In the spirit of OER, we wanted to use OER content for our reading list for the KCTL OER group.

Thankfully, other CUNY libraries have already done some great work about OERs. Steven Ovadia at LaGuarida Community College has put together a course on OERs for faculty, and shared it on Github. Steven’s course is on point for our KCTL group. Also, its format is easily editable, and the CC-BY-SA license is open and flexible.

So I modified it: I forked the Github repository; I fixed some broken links; I made some minor changes to the language; I dropped some sections that weren’t relevant to the KCTL group; I converted it from markdown to html. And I shared it with the same license that Steven had given it originally.

The result was an Intro to OERs that we are happy with, with much less effort than starting from scratch. It is a small example of OER in practice!

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