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The Open Educational Resources (OER) Faculty Interest Group discusses how we can adopt and create Open Educational Resources on our campus and beyond.

OERs are free, re-mixable, shareable education tools such as textbooks and lesson plans that faculty can adapt as they see fit. OERs’ accelerating spread across the academy is driven by licenses that permit re-use, re-production and adaptation of these tools by anyone.

  • For faculty, the benefits include unlimited flexibility in designing a text, time saved by adopting existing work, and the opportunity to contribute to open and free platforms.
  • For our students, OERs are free textbooks that offer huge savings when compared to traditional textbooks.

Come join us in leveraging OERs for your classes, and contribute to free and open resources in our community. Please contact Mark Eaton at meaton@kbcc.cuny.edu or Reabeka King at rking@kbcc.cuny.edu for more information.


Group Facilitators

Prof. Reabeka King

Prof. Mark Eaton

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